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Resources for changing the world through our kids!

Ever question what the future holds? Ever worry about how the next generation will shape, mold, influence, and impact the world in 20-30 years? Well, I have!

I’m the fortunate mother of 4 precocious, high energy boys that are NOT millennials. Rather, they are part of that “yet to be named” next generation (perhaps igen?). I question my role in shaping, molding, influencing, and impacting their perception of the world and how mindful parenting during the formative years may have positive and long lasting results when their generation will take the helm as the future.

The start of this blog is to provide resources to consider ways to parent mindfully with this end-game in mind. My intention is to share our family’s journey, provide useful and practical resources, and seek contributors to build a community that believes in the power of parenting (and provide a little entertainment value on the way). I believe that mindful parenting impressions can secure a bright future for us all by raising joyful, confident, knowledgable, and emotionally intelligent adults.

Welcome to my blog and wish me luck in this journey! I hope you enjoy!

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